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Evolution of a Quilter by Dusty Farrell

This display of quilts will show many facets of Quilter Dusty Farrell’s quilting career. Enjoy the evolution from the very first quilts quilted for customers and strolling through quilting life with blinders on because he didn’t know any better.

"Quilting in the Dark” Dusty’s first claim to fame what people recognized him for first. Who is that crazy tattooed man quilter quilting so fast in the dark. Yep, that was Dusty.

On to his true love of thread art or thread painting and winning ribbons all over the world.

This was awesome but what he loves most is sharing his love of quilting with students and encouraging them to do what they love for the love of doing it not necessarily for perfection.

Dusty travels about 25 weeks a year and enjoys sharing his passion with students, shops, guilds, and at shows in the U.S. and Canada.

Fabric-Chicks Quilts for Wounded Warriors and Veterans

Fabric-Chicks sponsors and host the Northern Nevada Quilters- which is an amazing group of women who have volunteered for almost 10 years - making quilts for our Wounded Warriors and Veterans-

Please join us every 1st Wednesday to help organize and create quilts that are given to various groups--most recently donated to the Wounded Warriors Fishing Derby, Combat Veterans Motorcycle Club, and the Wounded Warriors Bicycle Race. Over 130 quilts donated in 2016!! Thank you to all of you who donate supplies and/or your time!! We also have block kits you can check out during the month to work on.

1st Wednesday of the month meetings are held at:
Fabric-Chicks, 1166 Annie Ct. #C, Minden, NV 89423
775-267-0204 -


Quilt Diva

Self Interpretations of the Quilt Diva- inspired by Amy Bradley's pattern the Quilt Diva.

by Fast Trackers of Reno, NV


Quilting Vintage!

A found set of antiqué placemats & napkins were sent to 20 quilters to quilt by domestic machine as they wished.

The results are varied and stunning. Be inspired to re-purpose the linens of past generations!

Curated by Kelly Cline,  quilted by Domestic and Longarm Quilters


"Lets Get Mod" - By SAQA (Studio Art Quilt Associates)

Members of the Southern California, Southern Nevada SAQA (Studio Art Quilt Associates) are getting their mod on.

“Let’s Get Mod” art quilts that measure 25x25 are inspired by mid-century modern style and design.

Quilt: "Geek Out"


Fly Me to the Moon (Fiber Artist from 8 countries)

Artists from 8 countries have created art quilts celebrating Man’s First Walk on the Moon. This multifaceted collection includes quilts that: commemorate the iconic images from the news; recall personal memories of July 20, 1969; honor all of the Apollo Missions; recognize all of the Apollo Astronauts; investigate scientific moon images; examine NASA’s cool tools; explain myths associated with the moon; define moon idioms; replay the music inspired by the moon; visit pop culture icons; and make us fall in love again under the romantic moon.

All the quilts in this collection are 18” wide and 30” long and were juried to be a cohesive exhibit. Although the quilts are varied in style, the theme is always the same, the moon. 179 art quilts tell the story of our fascination with the moon since the dawn of time through the Apollo moon walks and beyond.

Well-known and fairly new fiber artists have stretched their creative muscles to draw the viewer into the world of science, romance, history and fantasy. This exhibit has something for everyone.

Quilt: Margaret Williams honoring Ed White of Apollo 1


The Lion King Exhibit

Our luscious hand-dyed fabric was the inspiration for quilters to take a challenge fit for a king! Participants were inspired by the stunning artistry, vibrant colors and exhilarating choreography of Broadway’s Award-Winning Best Musical, THE LION KING.

We are thrilled to be working with Disney Theatrical Group on this project. LION KING will be celebrating their 20th Anniversary in November 2017. They would like to display a selection of quilts at the Minskoff Theatre on Broadway overlooking Times Square!

Over 300 entries were received! The quilts represented a wide variety of techniques, interpretations and skill levels - all held together by the cohesive color, size and suede texture of the fabric!

It was the job of three jurors to pare down this huge amount of creativity to a manageable amount for the Traveling Exhibit. This was not an easy job, and we thank Amalia Teresa Parra Morusiewicz, Valarie Poitier and Susan Stein for their unbiased and fair opinions.

by Cherrywood Fabrics

QOTW Roots - Roots and Crossings

Life is full of moments that suggest the concept of Crossings. We may
experience new life, a new state, or a new attitude. Our paths may intersect with rail lines, crosswalks, river crossings or highways.

We may have a family history that crossed to Ellis Island, Polynesia or our own continent. Visual and conceptual crossings are everywhere. Quilts on the Wall is presenting a juried exhibit with unique interpretations of the word Crossings.

By Quilts on the Wall Fiber Artists


American Made Brand Tiny Quilt Challenge

It’s fun! And tiny! Constructed entirely of American Made Brand cotton solids, these quilts may be tiny but their impact is mighty.

Clearly size is no constraint on creativity and artistry!

The key requirements of the challenge were to use American Made Brand cotton solids in a quilt no larger than 15” x 15”.

“Quilting in the Country" by Naida Koraly


Play it Again Quilts

It can be a second chance to hear a favorite song……or to give a second life to vintage, unfinished quilts. A second listen….or look… perfect for appreciating them both again. Playing the song again is easy. Just press the back button and enjoy! The unfinished quilts, however, take a little more creative energy!

And plenty of creative energy is what the quilt group, Five Easy Pieces, used in abundance to bring you this collection of quilts with a second life! All the PLAY IT AGAIN quilts have one thing in common…..they began with vintage or antique blocks, tablecloths, parts of quilts, and even completed hand-stitched quilt tops that called out for quilting. Starting from the quilts’ beginnings many years ago, the members of the group used modern techniques and machine quilting to bring them to life. They scavenged attics, yard sales, thrift shops, online auctions, and even their own precious family treasures to rescue the starting inspirations for the quilts.

The Five Easy Pieces - Susan Nelsen, Loraine Manwaring, Patti Eaton, Jean Van Bockel, and Pamela Mostek - became friends through their roles in the world of professional quilting. Although they live in different towns in Idaho and Washington, they enjoy getting together twice a year to challenge each other to a new project idea and enjoy sewing and creating.

Exhibit by The Five Easy Pieces


QOTW Roots - Routes 2016

Whether one plots routes to destinations or is firmly rooted, whether routes are aerial or linear or crops are rooted in the fruitful land below, whether one pronounces routes as roots or routes, it makes little difference to creative interpretation by the artist.

It’s all in how one hears the words and translates them into art with an inner eye.

By Quilts on the Wall Fiber Artists


A Thread Runs Through It

Innovative, evocative, punchy, beautiful --- art quilts today always contain the fundamental elements --- threads, just as our ancestors’ quilts did. But the art quilt is a special amalgam of other materials, new techniques, and magical ideas. Studio Art Quilt Associates (SAQA), the international professional artists' organization, will showcase examples from their regional members: Northern California/ Northern Nevada.

The title alludes to the rivers of our region, the movie (A River Runs Through It) and the splendid novel by Norman Mclean, the threads of time, continuities, texturing by stitch, narratives, fabric and its components.

“Eventually, all things merge into one, and a river runs through it. The river was cut by the world's great flood and runs over rocks from the basement of time. On some of the rocks are timeless raindrops." -Norman Mclean writes at the end of the story he tells.

by Studio Art Quilt Associates (SAQA)

Photo: “Marsh Grass” by Sigrid Simonds 41.5” x 55.75”


Rhyolite Railroad Depot

Construction for the Rhyolite Railroad Depot began in September 1907; it was completed in June of 1908. The building has been many things in its lifetime.

It started as a Railroad depot, but it has been a home, boarding house, mess hall, business office, casino and bar, museum, and gift shop. It even doubled as a church for the 7 people that lived in Rhyolite during the 1950’s and 1960’s.

Today it belongs to the Bureau of Land Management.

by Bear Paw Quilt Group - Reno, NV